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securring an existing railroad tie retaining wall

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I have a 5 year old RR tie retaining wall that is five ties high and about 24 feet long. It is retaining a steep slope with about a 40 to 45 degree rise that rises about 16 feet above the top tie. The ties are pinned together with 1/2 " rebar and each tie is set back 1" into the slope as the wall rises. The concern I have is the wall is setting on a clay base and was built directly against the clay embakment. There is no drainage behind or under the wall. The wall has moved out about 5/8 " on one end over the five years. The other end is somewhat secured by an extension of the wall that is at a 40 degree angle away from the hillside. There were no dead men put in to secure the wall. How can I secure the wall without tearing it all out?

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Best bet for long term is to dig out behind it & put in gravel for drainage
The slope will just get worse until it falls over
And put in some dead men while you are at it
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