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Securing treated 2X4 to concrete with tapcon screws?

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I am planning to secure a treated 2X4 to concrete with tapcon concrete screws. However I hear that treated wood really corrodes most metal fast.
Is there a better way to do this?

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I've read there are heavier duty concrete anchors with nut and washer, and the bottom mushrooms. Would these be better? How do they handle treated wood? This 2X4 has to be anchored strong it is the base of some stair stringers.
would use the galvanized concrete anchors that you drill concrete, tap in and tighten to expand. i dont like tapcon screws....never can get them to hold good...especially if you over tighten and they end up spinning
Are those called wedge anchors? Are they galvanized?
Wedge anchors sure are expensive.
yes, the wedge anchors. Work great. Just buy a cheaper concrete drill bit sized for the anchor (check package) and drill in. Very quick job with these. The tabcons are not very good ...I've used in limited situation to hang stuff on concrete walls, but that's all I'd use for.
There's no reason why 1/4 X 3" Tap Cons will not work.
That's what there made for and will not corrode.
Where do you think this plate is going, all the weight is pressing down, all it needs to do is stop the plate from moving from side to side.
Once the treads and risers are on nothing can move.
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Wedge anchors wont break the bank, they are only about $2 each with washer and nut if you buy a box of 10

Thats all we use at work for securing things to the concrete, if you use the correct drill bit there is no chance a wedge anchor will pull out or spin on you
From my limited experience with both you must drill an accurate hole. Has to be the right size, number one. And they can't be too far off vertical.
If you "wallow out" the hole you're pretty much scr**ed.
_Might_ try to pack over size hole with epoxy but good luck.😕

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Think about this, would you be using a tapcon to attach any piece of wood that ISN'T treated to concrete?

Your fine, use the tapcon.
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