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I'm about to build a new porch roof and I will be using treated 4x4's in vinyl sleeves for support.
I am going to use Simpson Strong Ties to connect the tops of the 4x4's to the double 2x8 beam, but I'm curious as to different ways to connect the bottoms of the 4x4's to the concrete pad.

I'm thinking about using the hard vinyl supports that attach to the bottom of the 4x4's, and then drilling into the concrete for rebar that will go about 3 inches into the concrete and 3-4 inches into the posts. I would also be using concrete epoxy to set the rebar in the concrete and post bottoms.

Is there an 'easier' way that eliminates the drilling into the concrete and the need for fussing with epoxy that some of you guys may have used ?

Thanks a ton for sharing !
I appreciate it.
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