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I just finished doing a similar project!
Firstly, I was required to install footings 4' below grade on the corners. Then supported the slab with 8" Sono tubes filled with cement. These were installed at the corners.
I had to anchor the 6" posts to prevent lift! The engineer gave me 2 options. #1 was using a Simpson ABU66 fastened to the. slab with a 4" lag into a Kwik Bolt II by Hilti. Option 2 was to use two angle brackets (1/4X3X3) angle brackets fastened to the concrete with 3" lags into 2 Kwik Bolt II anchors.
I chose the angle iron brackets.
The beam at the top had to be anchored to the posts with metal straps (1/8" thick) on both sides. These straps were fastened to the beam and posts with a 2 -1/2" lag screws into post and the beam.
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