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Sears 536.884351 auger blades are discontinued, no replacement

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I have this snow thrower and need to replace the auger rubber blades; I bought it from my neighbor, who moved to Florida; he told me the blower was 9 years old. To be honest, when I bought it, I didn't think this would be a problem.

Then I went to the Sears Parts Online web site only to find out the auger blades are discontinued, so I went to the Sears store nearby and the guy told me in my face there was nothing they could do about it; but he hinted it was manufactured by Swisher.

I feel like I bought a car and there are no replacement tires for it, this is ridiculous; how can they get away with this? worst of all, the current blades are the factory ones, you can tell by the way they are riveted, this is the first time that need to be replaced but hey, there are no available parts.

Now, what do I do? throw away a perfectly good snow blower because $20 in rubber parts are no longer available? if I do that, the replacement certainly won't be Sears, that's for sure. Nor anything else from those (expletive) for that matter, I'm disappointed to the point of not going back to the store to buy a screwdriver.

Does anybody know of any other parts that are similar, even if I have to modify the auger or the blades? what else can I do? this is frustrating.
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Do a search online, google, ebay, etc. Sometimes you get lucky. 9 yrs seems a bit early to stop making parts, but that is how things work sometimes. That is their way of creating sales. But they don't seem to understand that if you are angry with them, you won't buy their product as a replacement.
The "536" refers to a specific manufacturer that supplied the snowblower to Sears. Do a search to find who actually manufactured it and contact them directly for the part. If the manufacturer doesn't make the part, there's nothing Sears can do about it.
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