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Sealer for new concrete

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What is the best sealer for new concrete. I want to do my 2000sq ft garage floor. And also the drive in front of it (broom finish). The wife wants a semi gloss wet look.

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go into sher-wms & buy h&c wtr-based satin conc sealer if you want fair results,,, if you want decent, buy their solvent-bas'd,,, if you want good, head to any conc supply house & get solvent-bas'd,,, if you want best, use epoxy w/urethane topcoat, polyureas, or polyaspartics,,, no epoxies on exterior - use only uv-resist mtls
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My local lumber yard has UGL Drylock protector

Will this give me good results? I have also found EnduraSeal 100% Acrylic"Wet Look" Semi Gloss Concrete Sealer*

What would be better?

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I also have a Menards about 40 minutes away. They have H&C instock

H&C Wet Look Low Gloss Clear Solvent-Based Concrete Sealer at Menards

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if those are your choices, i'd pick door #2 - not a fan of ugl's products
Not wanting to spend the money on epoxy floor. So I will go with the H&C stuff

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