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Sealed Combustion Furnace and Tank Hot Water Heater

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I live in Alaska and am planning to replace my current furnace and hot water heater thru a weatherization program but am getting nervous as I have not yet heard any good things about dealing with sealed combusiton units. I have ordered a Lennox G71MPP 95 percent efficient furnace and decided to go with a tank/sealed combustion 40 gallon hot water heater rather than tankless. I will then be able to sealed off the crawlspace (where both have been and will be installed). Venting will be thru the roof rather than thru the side of the house. After adding insulation to the crawlspace, I should be able to get the entire project paid for thru rebates or very close to it anyhow. I am nervous about having maintenance problems with furnace and/or hot water heater but the reputable installer sees this as regular annual maintenance only. I would not be doing any of the work except the crawlspace upgrades.

Any input would be much appreciated. The troubles I have heard about from others have to do with venting. I have heard of problems with the systems vented out the side of the house AND problems with venting out the top.
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I see no problems with the install as long as the crawl will remain above freezing. There is a drain to consider to get rid of the condensate the furnace produces. What provisions have you made for that?

what things about the venting have you concerned? I will probably be able to grant you a modicum relief over you anxiety once I have given you the real facts.

Sealed combustion is just about (I would say is) the best system around.
Thanks much for your reply. The installation contractor is planning to drain with the washer which is on the main (only floor). Now that I am thinking about it, I wonder how it will drain up?
Thanks again. It is good to hear something from someone other than the folks that have had venting problems and the people marketing to me. MUCH APPRECIATED.

I would welcome any more/other comments.
no prob. Just fix me up with the Governor in return...:yes:
no prob. Just fix me up with the Governor in return...:yes:

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