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The below image shows a close up of Kohler Kathryn 9026 4x3 cast iron shower receptor, durock, #15 felt paper behind durock.

I've redgarded, but have left the bottom of the durock and paper untouched.

1. Should the felt be cut even with the bottom of the durock and then both siliconed to the receptor (just the part that touches the receptor)?

I've had conflicting info from different tile contractors. One says that sealing it would prevent water from getting into the wall from the bottom, but the water can't get that high, as the receptor threshold is lower than the flange. Another contractor says that he uses a grout caulk where the tile meets the receptor, so it shouldn't be an issue.

2. I've read that "weep slots" should be left in the grout caulking to allow any water that might collect behind the tile can drain. True?

Of course, the Redgard should prevent any moisture behind, but...




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Pack that gap with modified thinset--no mesh is needed---keep it flat with the face of the rock----

Water proof the rock with Red Guard or Hydro ban and you are done---With a surface membrane no water will get through to worry about---
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