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SE cable question

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K, asked this before but didn't get an answer. When I went to buy cable at an electrical supply store, I asked for 4/0 aluminum individual conductors. This is for the run from the service drop to the meter. I already have 2" rigid galvanized conduit. For a 200 amp service.

So the guy said I should get SE type R instead. I went with it. So I have a cable with 4 conductors and I need 3.

Do I just run 2 hots and a neutral through the weatherhead and cut off the excess length of ground and leave it inside the conduit on both ends?
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I have no idea why someone at an electrical supply store would say ser is needed for service entrance.
You can do what have stated.
I'd take it back and make them give you SE type U. Be extra careful that you get enough cable (measure correctly) so that when you twist the bare stranded neutral wire you won't lose any of its length.
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