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screws or nails

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anyone have opinions on using screws or nails for flooring? by flooring i mean the sheeting directly on the joists. iv heard that the constuction adhesive does all the work and that coated nails are fine. some say ring shank nails, and some swear by screws. any advice or opinions are appreciated.
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these or something like it. it used to be a question of tinsel strength. nails used to have more but some of the newer specialty screws have the same if not more strength. plus always easier to unscrew then rip nails out. get yourself an impact driver / glue down an go to town.

there is no problem with nailing at all with the coated nails. make sure you use ring shank. it really just boils down to what your more comfortable using
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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