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screws or nails

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anyone have opinions on using screws or nails for flooring? by flooring i mean the sheeting directly on the joists. iv heard that the constuction adhesive does all the work and that coated nails are fine. some say ring shank nails, and some swear by screws. any advice or opinions are appreciated.
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but is there anything wrong with using coated nails? i could nail it in about a quarter of the time. its 30'x52', thats a lot of screwing.
well, i finished the floor today(started this morning) and i went with 8d ring shank nails with construction adhesive. seems pretty good to me. everything went pretty smooth (other than having to stop for a couple of hours to dig for my drainage pipe). thanks for the advice and im sure ill be asking for many more opinions. john
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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