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screwing in threshold

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Question, I'm putting wood (oak) thresholds into a room I recently put flooring in. I imagine given the openness of an (indoor) threshold, that I'd want to hide the screw heads.

Is this something deserving of a counterbore? (which, based on my reading are usually filled in with wooden plugs. I plan on only using wood putty.)

Or, can I expect to just be able to sink a screw deep enough with a pre-drill hole and a little pressure.

Any suggestions appreciated, and recommended screw sizes/types?
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Use a bit like this sized according to the screw size you plan on using and use a wooden plug not wood filler.
By using a wooden plug and paying attention to the grain in the threshold and in the plug once sanded off it will be near invisable, putty will stick out and not take stain like a wooden plug will.
use a counter sink bits like these with a wooden oak plug

glue the pug in place following the grain of wood after inserting the screw, sand flush and stain.
Fell asleep on that job again, but picking it back up. Thanks for the advice. A question I have now is whether I should do this on a threshold product that is only 3/8ths of an inch thick itself. Is that too thin of a board to try to counterbore?

I noticed on this video

that he sunk the screws 3/8 deep. I assume I need enough room for those plugs to catch. I'm wondering if my threshold board is only 3/8ths if I've got enough wood to work with.
Not going to work, to thin.
Pl adhesive and finish nails is the way to go.
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