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Screw splinters

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Screw splinters irritate me, what do you do to avoid them.
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Hi ****,
no solution, but I share your pain. I usually find the splinters all festered up a couple of days later and try to squeeze them out. When that doesn't work I become jack the ripper with my exacto knife. They have to go and I will heal, but not with those little beasts in there.

I'm watching to see if anyone has a solution and i can't work with gloves.

Thanks for the topic,
I thought the same about gloves and then I tried Atlas Mechanic's gloves. After working with them awhile I now feel not dressed for work without them.

There were 2 things I couldn't accomplish with them on but I solved that by snipping about a half inch of the pinky finger off. Now those 2 important things can be done. 1) operate my cell phone and 2) pick my nose.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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