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Screw nail removal

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My decking is attached with screw nails and I need to replace a large number of the boards. There are approx. 27 screws in each board and to use a cats paw and hammer is almost impossible. The boards are not next to each other so I can't remove one or two and then pry them up. Is there a tool available to speed up this process. Basically when I get the cats paw under the nail head I require a gorrilla to pull them out to point where I can get a bar underneath to fully extract them.
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I'd set a skill saw the correct depth, cut each side of each joist, an inch away. Smack the remainder 3-1/2" piece with a hammer towards the sky or in-line with the joist, whichever works. Use vise grips on the stubborn nails, with a spacer block. Be safe, GBAR
From experience- -another vote for GBAR's method.
I don't know how to cut a 5/4 x 6 plank with a Skill saw as described without cutting the adjacent boards as well. Like I said I am replacing boards at random. I guess I could drill holes and use a saber saw but I rather set the deck on fire. Has anyone ever used a pneumatic nail removal tool?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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