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Scratches in Storm Door

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Hi everyone, I recently installed a storm door on the front door of the house. My 2 yr old daughter scratched it badly with a rock on the inside today.

Any products that would help remove them?

I dont think it is gouged badly, just has visible scrapes.


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What is the material? Scratches in the glass or the metal frame?
Sorry, all the scratches are on the glass part on the inside of the door.
There are buffing/polishing compounds available for glass. Usually autoglass places will have some. Be aware though that if the scratch is deep enough to feel with a fingernail, you'll end up with a distotion in the glass by the time it is polished out.
Thanks!! I dont think they are that deep. What type of Autoglass places?
Call up any local shop that specializes in autoglass replacement.
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