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Scored in the clearance section of Lowes, quick ?'s

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Hey guys, as usual when I pass by Lowes I feel compelled to browse there clearance aisles. I found exactly what I was there to buy materials to DIY, this just saved alot of time. I found a laminate countertop on clearance reg $100 on for $25 and a custom base cabinet someone returned reg $329 on for $70, the counter seems perfect nothing wrong with it, and the cabinet had a loose brace (pl premium and my clamp taking care of that in the pic) and some very slight chipping on the bottom side edge from being moved around, nothing some 1/4 round couldnt hide if I felt picky.

Anyways, Im brand new to counter tops and such, and this top has some weird pieces attached to each side of the back Im unsure if they have a purpose or how exactly to discard them. Almost seems like extra bits of another countertop glued on the back of the one I bought, its on both sides exactly the same,I see no fasterners/brad nails but they are solidly on there. I imagined they had to come off for my application but figured Id ask there purpose.

After the PL sets on the base I was going to screw the top to the bases corner brackets and call it a day, but aside from the sawzall I wasnt sure how to go about it

Cheers guys thanks
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Forgot to mention, the right side of the counter is finished, but as you can see the left side is left bare but there is a piece of "laminate" taped to the top you can see in the pic that is big enough to cover the bare area, is this stuff simply iron type material? Seems like it may be a bit thick to simply trim down with a new razor blade..?? Any tricks or advice on finishing that edge?
Nice "score." When I did lots of apartment rehabs, I went to the clearance section at Lowe's and other Big Box stores to get great deals, especially on flooring......carpet and vinyl in particular.

Yes, that piece on the counter appears to be for the unfinished edge. Usually an iron is used to activate the adhesive on the trim piece so that it adheres to the edge.

Not sure what all those pieces are that are attached to the back, but, they are definitely in the way of installing against a wall.
My first thought was they were scraps placed there to protect during shipping, but then it doesnt make sence to adhere them so dam well, I didnt want to smack them off with a hammer in fear of damaging the 90 degree joint

I got 6 base cabinets from this same Lowes shortly back, regular $180 each down to $10, couldnt believe it, my garage now has nicer wall cabinets than my kitchen lol. Its my first house, just trying to save some money, gain some knowledge
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