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SBS roll roof lapping with a tape

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Anybody tried double side eternabond tape to apply a roll roof? The time/back saving may be worth the cost, but I wondered if SBS modified roofing (Tamko awaplan-used it 20 yrs ago) must have all of its surface adhering to the backer material?
Before I get too old, I plan to cover over the 1st layer for my parents. The deck used to have paper/tar/gravel an inch or more thick, so the 1st layer can stay.

The tape website says it's good for it, but I am wondering what the roofing manufacturer will say about it. Will call it.
Thank you in advance.
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for the price per roll, I would stick with a 5 gallon bucket of roof tar, one wrong move during installation with that tape and its going to shift or move and then you got to start over, I used a double faced tape like that, 6 inch wide to join edpm liner for a fish pond, needed a few people to hold the material to line up, it was a pain, and that was laying it flat out ground level...
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Pond liner example is actually hopeful. I would assume that the sealing requirement for the pond liner has to be higher. I know about the eternabond and I am tempted to try it. Roll sheets has to be easier to work with, esp with a helper. I wondered though how the roll sheets behave over time, if not glued totally. For example, wrinkle, crack, etc.
I get a feeling that manufacturer tech will not consider (or even tested) their material used outside their instruction, or may not honor the warranty-although I wouldn't depend on anybody's warranty.
So you plan on having a roof float over the base with no adhesion at all?
I'd use adhesive under the top edge only, at least my thinking went. But youtube shows a roll-on adhesive, at least in the field of the roofing. Trowel-on the edges. Years ago I just used trowel on everywhere and the trouble of it was what I remembered.:surprise: It was Tamko modified, base sheet, notched trowel and done in the colder part of a fall. It is about 2000 square foot low slope roof with lots of tricky flashing to do. But I think I can roll the adhesive for total coverage and use the tape for the seams.
It is tree shaded roof and I am impressed by its longevity. I think it still has closer to 10 years life left, but then I will be too old for working up there.
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