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Hello. :) I just discovered this site from having someone here post a link to my blog about old Ford Mustangs, came to have a look to see what sort of a site it was because I work very hard to keep my blog family friendly. A person could turn their nine year old kid loose to read my blog with complete confidence that there are no awkward conversations coming over something that they read there. I immediately recognized the value of this site as an extremely useful place to figure out how to do those things that always seem to pop up. The list of things that I have no idea how to accomplish is longer than the midgard serpent, so, I will be doing a whole bunch of reading here. :) One thing that I kind of do know a little bit about is how to keep a Ford vehicle that was built prior to 1970 doing all of the stuff that it is supposed to be able to do, like start, propel itself down the road, stop on demand, have all of the switches turn on the appropriate components, etc... so, if I can help someone out with that, feel free to let me know. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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