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saw stand feet

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the saw sits on the usual 4 metal leg stand.
it is about 1.2 inch too low.
the stand does not have those screw in feet on the bottom.
what are the bolts/ feet actually called?
thanks all
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Ayuh,... Put in on a couple of 2xs, 'n it'll be 1.5" taller,...

This seems to work,... Screw feet,...
The bolts idea is maybe what I will try but I was hoping for better. Much larger head so the garage concrete floor does not get damaged.
I could instead put some wood between the saw stand and the table.
Still prefer the feet. There are holes in the legs for them.
Ayuh,.... I guess ya didn't bother clickin' the link I posted,..??
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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