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Saw and sander for cutting natural stone tile

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I had part of this question in another thread and figured I'd start a new one specifically dedicated to it.

I am laying marble tile for the first time. I need to clip one corner of each marble tile (white carrara) as there is a black tile placed in the middle of 4 to make a "dot."

I don't want to spend thousands on a saw, but also want something nice, that will make the job easier (and safer), and be useful for odd jobs in the future. I was looking at the Dewalt D24000S with stand, which is a 10" wet saw, 1.5hp. It is on Amazon for $799. Is that a good choice?

Also, what other tools will I need to cut tiles? From what I understand I will need to sand the cut edges...should I buy a belt sander for that? Any suggestions?

I realize I could rent or borrow these items but I would prefer to get my own and have them for future jobs. I feel justified with all the money I am saving laying my own tile. :laughing:
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There's a whole lot of less expencive options that would work fine for a DIY like yourself.

We used one of those cheap table saw type for many years before breaking down and buying a bridge type saw.
I certainly don't want to overspend, but at the same time I don't want frustration and challenges because I saved a few hundred bucks on a saw. I need the cuts to be reproducible so that I can clip a corner of each tile in a very repeatable fashion. Furthermore, I assume I'll be using this to rip tiles and make other cuts to work around the edges. Lastly, since I am buying I would like it to be versatile so I could use it for jobs down the road...I know I have a pavers project coming up.

So, if I can do everything just as safely and easily with a cheaper saw, great! If not, I don't mind spending a little more money to make the job easier or go smoother.
You would need a differant saw to cut pavers.
It would be a much heavyer duty saw.
I just use a 4-1/2" right angle grinder with a diamond blade and snap it off with a mallet.
Is there any point in me buying the 10" saw or will the 7" do everything I need it to do? I don't mind buying the 10" if it is more versatile, cuts easier, etc. but if the 7" is every bit as good for my purposes I might as well save the money. If anyone has an opinion I would appreciate hearing the pros and cons of each. Thanks!
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