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Save My Washing Machine?

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I have an old Maytag washer, model LAT9700AAL. Came with my house when I bought it 6yrs ago.

Yesterday, washer filled with water and stopped. No timer advancing, no motor running. Crickets.

When I manually advance the timer, the washer will drain, spin, and advance to rinse. At rinse, it fills and stops again. Advance the timer again, and the washer will drain/spin.

1) Can I rule out the lid switch? The drum stops spinning if I lift the lid.
2) Can I also rule out the timer? The washer acts like this on both cycle types and the timer seems to be getting power.
3) What am I looking at? Clutch/transmission? Burnt out motor in one direction?

<Gulp> Time to get a new washer? :vs_no_no_no: I'm asking because I'm a poor public servant, who already eats Ramen 3x/day.
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Pretty sure that washer has two lid switches and a fuse also. I forget exactly how it is set up, but if you open the top section there are two brown switches. I'm guessing one of those has failed. Keep in mind I say I'm guessing so don't just change the part. It would be very easy to check with a meter
Thanks. I looked at the online parts diagram again, and you're correct that there are 2 switches on the full assembly, along with the fuse.

I'll pull the top off tonight or tomorrow and test with my multimeter. Will report back.
Reporting back--I replaced the lid switch assembly after finding one of the switches was bad. That fixed part of the problem.

Still no wash cycle, but once I advance the timer past wash, the washer completes all other portions of rinse/spin, etc.

Open to more suggestions.
Ha! Actually, it's just the one wash cycle that doesn't work. The other wash cycle works. Hurray! Hopefully the ol' gal can limp along for another several months.

$45 for the part w/shipping. About 15-20 mins to replace, start to finish.
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I think you'll need a new timer to get all the cycles.
My 10 year old Maytag washer was skipping cycles intermittantly (it would start a cycle fine, fill, wash and then not spin or drain). Sometimes I could turn the dial back to spin and it would be fine and finish the cycle. Eventually it stopped spinning all together.

I replaced the timer ($100 off Amazon, but super easy 10 minute fix) and it fixed the problem.

Good luck!
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