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Here is a tip that I can offer for buying scaffolding…

Home Depot sells the popular MetalTech Jobsite Series Baker 6’x6’x2' utility scaffold (model I-CISCAS) for $200. It is about the same cost elsewhere online, but the shipping charge is around $50-100. A 39" extension kit (I-ISEX4PPNCAS) is advertised in the various literature as the seemingly only option, when in reality you can safety stack up to three of the original 6’ units per the manufacture recommendations. Home Depot does not sell this smaller extension.

I just purchased the 39” extension for $222 with a coupon from a leading online tool retailer (average price online at $270). A sizable portion of that cost was for delivery and took two weeks via a liftgate carrier. In the end, it would have been cheaper, faster, and I would have gotten more height if I would have just purchased another original Jobsite Series Baker model locally.

If we learn from our mistakes, then I have earned multiple PhD's in the hard knocks of life,
Dr. Z.
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