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Save a techs life story

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True story of an electrical problem that can kill someone. Read post below about hissing sound.
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I have smelled phosgene from the old days when we used halide leak torches and yes I did refrigeration/R12 work. When this bugger blew my customer was nearby and it smelled like acid/phosgene and I was in no mood to analyze it. Sure glad I never went thru WW1 like my Grandpa did. They used mustard gas/chlorine/phosgene and any other nasty chemical they could find on each other.
I am REALLY interested in seeing if all the horror scenarios of a bit of moisture in these R410 units are going to destroy them. Lets face it, I doubt if 10% of the techs have the time/training/proper vacuum pumps or even care to pull a 500 micron vacuum.
I smelled a bit of 100% pure ammonia once at trade school. A newbie accidentally cut a line on a demo unit. I would NEVER work on that stuff. It sucks all the moisture from your lungs/eyes/skin and is deadly.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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