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Home Depot sells Sanded Ceramic Tile Caulk by Polyblend. I used it for my bathroom remodeling project last year and did not like it because it was very difficult to push it out of the tube even with a caulk gun.
I am remodeling my second bathroom and need to buy some tile caulk.
Lowe's sells Tub & Tile caulk by Loctite which I also used last year and kind of liked it.
I am wondering, is there any advantage of using sanded tile caulk? What is the reason of using sanded caulk?


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Sanded caulk is used when sanded grout has been used in a tiling project. The sand-texture is more desirable in appearance in this case. Otherwise don't use it. Sanded caulk is nothing more than a cosmetic to keep up appearances.:)

When you have difficulty getting sanded caulk to exit the tube that is a sign the caulk is old and out of date and should be discarded.
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