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Sandblasting: Pressure Pot Set Up

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I've sandblasted since 1982. In the beginning I build a reclaiming box and did syphon blasting. After the internet I learned about pressure pots. I got a pressure pot in 2005. I have used it with okay results. (It will sometimes have flow issues.) I have two desiccant filters (to remove moisture in the line) between the compressor (Sears 150 PSI, 60 Gal, 7HP upright) and my pressure pot (Harbor Freight special). I don't know what has happened. I've physically emptied the pot to check for debris (when I recycle the aluminum oxide I screen it as I refill the pot. I am careful to not get foreign debris in the pot.) I've taken apart the lines to check for obstructions and found a few tiny bits near the tip. I have several ball valves that I've checked and all seem to work fine. But I have no pressure to speak of nor sand coming out. I've read on this forum and the Pro Contractor's form about even pressure. I don't quite understand that.

Generally I have my compressor set high and my pressure pot set lower. I have worked under the impression that a pressure pot needs less pressure to work than a syphon. When I did syphon blasting I used about 40-60 psi. With the pot about 15. Now I have it set higher and see poor results and it is not working. This is driving me nuts. I have jobs that hang in the balance and I need this to work. (My last job I had to borrow a friends set up.) What have I set up wrong?

Does anyone have PSI settings for using a pressure pot?
Pressure in the compressor:
Pressure in the pressure pot:
Which valves are opened:
Which valves are partially opened:

I need this tool to work well. It is how I earn my money. I am an artist and this needs to deliver pressure and media when required. I have a large job coming up this week and I need this all to come together. ANY help will earn you my blessings and prayers. Thank you.
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But I have no pressure to speak of nor sand coming out.
Ayuh,... I run the compressor at full tilt, 120 psi, or as much as it can hold,....

I'll guess that yer pot is the same as mine, which came from harbor fright maybe 8 or 10 years ago,...

At the air input, I run the pressure up, 'n then back it down if necessary,...
The filter housin' drain screw, I leave cracked, 'n blowin' the water out,...
The air that runs down behind the tank, to the fittin' at the bottom, I run full open,...
The valve on the bottom of the pot, opened enough to get a good flow of media,...

If the media stops, I shake the pot to break it loose inside,...
I've got a vibrator for it, but ain't got 'round to mountin' it,...

Have ya taken the hoses off, 'n air tested each,..??
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