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Sand and Treat Deck Railing?

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OK. I'm back for my second novice inquiry. We've got a nice deck out back but the fellow who own ed the house before us never finished the railing/spindles, etc. I am guessing that it needs a good sanding and then....what?

Can someone give me a little guidance here? After I get it sanded, is there a treatment I can put on it to salvage it? I can't afford the time or money to redo the entire thing and I don't think I need to. I just want it to stop deteriorating, and I want to save someone from a handful of splinters.

I am hoping that is a spray on something that will do the trick? What's the best thing for me to use and the best way (easiest) way to apply it?


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Once you have sanded the deck, be sure to get it a nice light washing.

Next, let the wood dry out completely.

Last, use arcylic latex based stain and sealer. Two to three coats shoud give you a durable finish.

Should be good to go.
1. I would use the 2 and 1 combo. Saves time and money. In my experience, the 2 and 1 stain/sealer have done a solid job.

2. They do have special wood cleaners. A bucket and brush would do just fine. Save the money on the power washer.

3. In my experience, the spraying on stain/sealer doesn't produce results like a brush. Unless you go out and buy an expensive sprayer. The brush will produce a nice even finish. Don't buy a cheap may regret it.

Remember, it is all about the prep work. Never take short cuts on prep work. It makes a huge difference.

I have a cheap home depot stockade fence that I prepped and painted about four years ago. It is still holding up very well.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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