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Sand and Treat Deck Railing?

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OK. I'm back for my second novice inquiry. We've got a nice deck out back but the fellow who own ed the house before us never finished the railing/spindles, etc. I am guessing that it needs a good sanding and then....what?

Can someone give me a little guidance here? After I get it sanded, is there a treatment I can put on it to salvage it? I can't afford the time or money to redo the entire thing and I don't think I need to. I just want it to stop deteriorating, and I want to save someone from a handful of splinters.

I am hoping that is a spray on something that will do the trick? What's the best thing for me to use and the best way (easiest) way to apply it?


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Is it a painted deck or stained? What kind of shape are the spindles and railing in? ie good smooth and structualy sound, bad rough, splintery? little more info would be nice
Sorry frudoc I was away for a bit, but novanoel hit the nail on the head
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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