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Sam says hello!

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Hi There!
Awesome forum you guys got here! My name's Sam and I bought a house last october in San jose, CA. I was looking for a good home improvement forum and discovered this site only today!

Anyways, so far, I've been able to fix myself my front lawn sprinklers and wall-mounted my 52" LCD. That's my DIY history. lol.

My next project, sort of big for to work on laying laminate hard-wood flooring for my vinyl (ugh!) kitchen flooring. I'm contemplating if I should move the refrigerator out first and then lay the flooring or should I lay the flooring around it? There is a big island smack-dab right in front of the fridge and I have a feeling its not going to be easy to get the fridge out of its nice cubby-hole.

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Welcome to the forum, Sam. Put some hardboard in front and wheel on that. Definitely---floor under the refer and dishwasher or it may be a problem removing the latter. Be safe, G
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