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sago palms

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We recently bought a new home and we have multiple mature sago palms spread throughout the property. A family friend warned me that that they are incredibly toxic to dogs. I looked it up, and sure enough he was right.

So I am now looking to get rid of them. I was planning on just cutting them down, but its a real shame because they are such pretty and mature plants.

Would a landscaper or nursery be interested in removing them and reselling them? I'm not looking for any money, I would just ask them to remove them.
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Some will. We donated a couple Queen palms to a school affiliated nursery. But Sagos might not be that desirable.
Me I hate palms. I'd drill into trunk with auger, 3-4 places, fill holes with roundup or glycosol from farm store. Replace with something non-palm but native, your Extension Service will have a list.
@david_12, nice to meet you.

Sagos, if properly treated, can be transplanted fairly easily. You might even get some money for them. I would go so far as to say they're more desireable than queen palms (I've dug and moved both). If you want someone to dig and move them, I'd sure try.

Glyphosate won't kill cycads; they're related to pine trees, with an entirely different biological chemistry.

Where are you located? That could matter. If you're in California, I'm a bit familiar with the market.
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