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I'm replacing an old garbage disposal which was directly wired to a switch with type AC cable. There is good connection between the thin metal bonding tab, the metal sheathing, and the junction box holding the switch (over the counter). It's my understanding that I can install an outlet under the sink (for the new disposal to plug into), and use the sheathing/bonding wire as the ground. To those with experience with such things, any issues with this type of cable, or it's use under a sink (the space is good and dry at the moment, but we'll see how I do with the disposal...). Thank you.

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It semi common but the key issue you will have to pay attetion to following items.,

Antishorting bushing that is a mantory item. That is a small red plastique coller that do instert in the AC cable.

Proper fitting ( connector ) pay attetion to the proper fitting to order get a good grounding connection and use metal box only not plastique box.

As long it look clean and not showing any hevey rust stain and the conductors still plyable ( bendable ) you should be ok with it.

You may have to add a GFCI receptle to this ( check your local codes on this matter which I feel they do required it )

Do not make a sharp bends on the AC cable otherwise you will kink them pretty good ( hard to unkink them )

Whatever you plan to cut to the length becarefull on cutting them do it in 45 degress angle if possible and make one more light notch and take plier or side cutter and bend out the rest that way you can get the bonding strap out and fold it back and install the antishorting bushing and use correct fitting for it and ya good to go.

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