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Safe to put a stone fireplace in? (loadwise)

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We are looking to get some 1" granite veneer for our fireplace and for our basement exterior. We will be starting on the fireplace first but i have a few questions I hope you will be able to help me with. The fire place is situated on the first floor, can our floor take the weight. Fireplace framing is 14' high by approx. 6' by 18" from load baring wall.

Thanks for any help.
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Welcome to "DIY"! :)

Posting some pictures would help!

Thanks!! Happy to be here. :thumbup:

Unfortunately I don't have pics and will not be on site for a few days.

I thought maybe it would be a matter of code maybe, i dunno. lol

Just hoping not to cave in. :laughing:
We welcome you!
What I said.
We'll be here! :)
Cave in!!?? - I've "collapsed" on the dance floor - don't like "collapses"
(cave ins - no fun!)

For a masonary fire place ,you need a very hefty footer with re-bar implanted, below the area frost line.Your fire place on the first floor should straddle your foundation wall, hopefully its a poured concrete wall. If you have a hearth,it too should be depending on the concrete wall.Tie all in with re-bar. Don't depend on lumber to support a masonary wall. Hopefully you have researched fire place design on the net. Lots of good tips there to having a fire place that actually works. Good luck.
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