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Ruud filter?

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Okay, this is really lame, but I cannot for the life of me find the filter on our ruud UGTA-07EMAES model.


Here is a pdf of the spec sheet:

Where the heck is it? Can someone look at the photo on page 2 and give me a clue?

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You can clean the HW 'filters' or elements with a garden house, if it's not too cold outdoors. Note direction of how each comes out. Otherwise, dishwasher or bathtub (with towels down).

I used a backpack blower (air only) when it was very cold.

If you use water of any kind to clean and elements are not completely dry, you will hear a crackle noise (burning ozone) until dry. This is normal.

Clean after any construction when airborne wallboard compound is sanded.
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