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Ruud Air Conditioner Won't Turn On

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wMy wife and I were getting ready for bed when the fan in the air handler turned off. We normally keep the fan running all night so this was very odd. After that happened, the air handler and the outside unit would not respond to the thermostat. I opened up the air handler and nothing looked out of place and none of the electronics looked like they went bad ie bulging capacitors. I also checked the breakers and drain line which both looked fine. Any ideas as to what could have happened? I'm in Florida and it's been cold lately but I doubt that has anything to do with it.
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Sounds like maybe a transformer has gone bad. If you have a volt meter, check the line side of the transformer and then the secondary. If you do not have line voltage you have a bad breaker or bad wire. If you have line voltage but no secondary the t-former is bad.
Hope this helps
I would start at the thermostat first, with a volt meter check from R to C if you get 24 volt then you have line voltage and your transformer is good.
My father in law has a friend that does A/C maintenance and we're hoping he can come by and check it out after he get's off work. If he's not available until tomorrow I'll try checking things with my volt meter.
The a/c guy found a popped fuse on the controller board. He replaced it and its been fine since. We've been having some power glitches in our neighborhood so he thought that could be the cause.
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