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Rusty nails in planters - do they need to be removed?

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A few months ago I had a carpenter come in to build some planters for the garden. He built the carcass but had to leave due to personal reasons. I have now found a new carpenter to finish the job.

I've had a look at the carcass that has been built and I can see all the nails have rusted due to the rain over the last few months. Do you think I should ask the new carpenter to remove them and put in new nails or are rusty nails not a problem? I think once the cladding goes on the planters they with hide the rusty nails.

Grateful for your views on what to do. Thanks!
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Other than the look and stains they will be fine. Just add some new ones that are galvanized. You will probably do more damage trying to remove them.
Sure sounds like he used the wrong type nails.
Picture would ansewer a lot of question.
Just have the new guy slide in some hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel, no worries about removing the others. Ron
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