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Rusted rod iron railing on concrete steps

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Hey everyone!

I have concrete stairs up to my front door with an iron railing on the right side. The iron railing portion connected to the bottom step rusted off and the concrete corner fell off as well so its just hanging in mid air. My question is how hard is it to remove the iron railing all together since the whole thing is rusted? Its connected to the concrete by a square flat bracket with 2 screws. How would I remove the railing? Also, if i build a wooden railing and repair the concrete, can I attach a wooden railing to concrete steps?

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did 1 of these last yr,,, reformed the broken conc corner & placed polymer-mod'd conc w/mechanical anchors ( threaded s/s bolts ),,, used a pool float as blockout then reset fence after welding replacement section onto post
you'll probably have to grind off bolt/screw heads to remove plates,,, after that its a walk in the park
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