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Rust Stains from Railing on Concrete Walk

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We have a metal railing around our front porch which is embedded in our concrete walkway. There are a couple of areas on the railing which are starting to rust a bit so I am getting ready to sand, scrape and then paint the entire railing (using Rustoleum paint). However, there seems to be a fair amount of rust stains emanating from where the railing is embedded in the concrete walk. I will of course redo this area, but I am wondering if there is anything else I can do to avoid this problem again in the future.

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Before replacing the concrete, try removing the stain:

1. first try a gunite rust eraser, found at pool supply places (the tan ones, not the black ones)
2. if that doesn't work, buy a bottle of 1000 mg vitamin c tablets, CRUSH them up, put them in an old nylon stocking tied up in a ball/pouch nice and tight (20 tablets per nylon pouch), soak it in a cup of water for 5 minutes, and place it on the stain. Leave it there for 2 hours, and every 15 minutes check it and drizzle a 1 oz shot of water on it. When the stain is gone, hose off the concrete. The concrete may clean up cleaner than the surrounding concrete, so check it often.

If you do replace it, seal it. It may still rust, but it will be slightly easier to remove with the above methods. Strict prevention involves strict maintenance on the coating.
sealing the conc would help :thumbup: solvent-bas'd sealers're best but be prepar'd to do this semi-annually w/the stuff we use ( elitecrete's ' css ' ) or annually w/anybody else's stuff :yes:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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