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Only thing I can add to Ben's post.
You say you moved the dishwasher to new location.
In the past, seems 6' braided hose dishwasher connection was the longest I could find.
In this case, would extend with copper, then connect with braided hose from there.

I once installed a dishwasher in old house that never had one.
I installed correct valve for it, ran hose through floor to laundry room in unfinished basement below. I needed 2, 6' braided hoses to reach.
Where I coupled them together, was a small drip .... I just did not tighten enough.
Was one drip about every 2 0r 3 min, on a unfinished slab, 3 feet away from a drain.

I apologize for a moving dishwasher story ... was funny to me.
Young couple and they bought a display model dishwasher from sears at reduced cost.
Did not come with the rubber side flappers to hide gap in cabinet. I remodeled cabinet 1/4" bigger and left 1/8" on each side. Next day she told me the dishwasher had moved and needed to reset it. I measured it and showed her it was correct.
Next day is Friday afternoon and am on another job, have a rented jack hammer and tearing up concrete to replace a p-trap for a basement shower and have water turned off to customer and the lady calls me up complaining she had a frigging flood in the basement ... I explained would be a hour or so before could get there and how to turn off the water, was a valve above washing machine that would turn whole house off ... she just cussed at me more.
I got out there as soon as I could, found the drip every 2 or 3 min, it dried up before ever reaching the drain. Was Friday afternoon, I gave the connection another twist and stopped the leak.
At this point, I told her would cut into the lines and run new copper directly below the new dishwasher and will be no coupling involved and will never have another problem with it.
Saturday Morning the local supply house opens up at 9:00 am, at 9:15 I have all the needed material and in parking lot ready to head out and she calls me up *****ing about why I was not there yet.
I literally had to hang up on her, her language was so bad.
I called her husband, explained that was nothing wrong with the current setup, but can come up and make it better. I bought the parts and am sitting in the parking lot trying to decide if go work for free or just go home and drink beer ... If I come out, you lock that pitbull up and keep her away from me. I went out and did the work.

Moral of the story, NEVER do any work for a woman that is 8 1/2 months pregnant :no:

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Need to run new line to dishwasher since it's in a new location. Is copper the way to go?
Where is the pipe going to run? Through cabinets, through a wall, or up through the floor, etc? If you're going through cabinets, my vote is for copper so that items placed in the cabinets don't damage the pipes.

Have you ever soldered copper before?

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Have soldered before. Just ran 5' braided line from sink to dishwasher since it is next to sink.
There you go. My last house had a long steel braided line that penetrated two intervening cabinets between the sink and the dishwashers, seemed to work fine.
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