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Running UF to Shed

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One of the things I've always wanted to do is run power to my shed. Right now its fed via a 12ga extension cord, but I am limited because it plugs into our kitchen GFCI outlet, sharing the fridge. Once in a while I'd fire up the generator for full power when working, so I can have a full 15a circuit.

I would like to run a 20a circuit, but due to a patio, and a garden, gravel, etc, it will be hard, if not near impossible....

Total distance from panel to shed approx 100-125ft. Is it okay to run the 12 gauge UF in conduit 20ft, and mount it on the house past the garden, then run it on 5 feet of fence, into the ground?

I know code is 12" GFCI protected, I will be running it to a GFCI outlet before it goes into the ground, and will be going down 12"-18"". I chose UF because there is alot of roots and obstacles to run around.

Load in the shed will be stereo, tv, lighting, small AC/heater, and the random old push vacuum. Of course once in a while a small handheld power tool. Very rare this will be running all at once. I've never even tripped the 15a breaker in the house with the fridge, since I'm in the habit of turning things off.

PS: The existing NM cable in the shed is 14ga 15a. I plan on changing to 12ga when I get the money next year. The shed currently has a 30a 120v fused safety switch main disconnect with a 15a edison fuse in it protecting the wiring (brand new, not a grandma's basement find, I know it's overkill, but was for when I plugged it into the 20a generator :). When I run the new line into this box, should I protect the entire run with a 15 or 20 amp breaker at the house in the meantime before new wiring is installed?

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Pictures of the beginning, middle, and end of the conduit run would be a help. That said, why don't you use THWN in the conduit?

I'll try to get a picture sometime soon, but my iPod camera is damaged.

I chose UF because I have a lot of twists and turns around gardens and trees.
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