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Running the first grounded circuit in a home with 2-wire system.

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In a 1953 14-2 wired home, an updated 100 amp panel has been installed with a braided copper ground wire running from an outside buried copper rod. No other bare ground wires are attached to the section where this Main Ground is. I have run a single 14 awg wire from that section to a junction box in my basement. To one side of the box I fed a 14-2 wire from a ceiling fixture. Then on the other side of the junction box I ran a 14-3 line to run to new or existing outlets to have grounded circuits in the basement. The reason for the single ground wire was because it 'fit' where a new 14-3 cable would not (existing cable or plumbing routes). It made sense to me at the time. But, is this a bonded connection? I just recently read about bonding and this idea seemed to cover the issue. Would appreciate any input.
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The way I am reading this is, you ran an "extra" wire to serve as a ground to a junction box...Correct?

Some terminology to keep in mind when posting here so others can more clearly understand what you are asking.

A Wire is enclosed inside of a jacketed assembly to form a cable or is used separately inside of a conduit

Cable is rated as 14-2, 12-2, with or without ground. for example, a 14-2 W/Ground will have three wires inside of it. Generally a white, black and bare ground.

If you have existing 14-2/12-2 wire without a ground you can not add anything to those circuits. They have to be upgraded any time you are going to work on them. All wires feeding a circuit need to be either inside a UL approved jacketed assembly or inside conduit
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