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Running Sky+ cable

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I am contemplating getting Sky+. However this time I want to run the cable through my wall cavity rather than the exterior of my house which it currently is with normal sky dish. The cable can be easilly run from the loft to the downstairs living room. Are there any problems with running the Sky+ cable next to electrical and Digital TV cable with regards to signal distortation. Another querie I have is that where the cable will exit the living room wall I have in place a double aerial socket, chrome plated. Will the Sky+ cable be compatible to run through this type of connection.
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Since you reside in the UK, your cables are different.

With coaxial cables, its about the same. There should be no major difference with running it near electrical and not. I have a run running with electrical and coax parallel for 100ft. No interference.

If you already experience interference, then go for a more shielded cable.

About the connection, can you provide a picture?
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