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running power to detached garage / need need help w/ messenger wire

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Running power to detached garage. Using 4446 ser wg wire for 240v 70 amp service. It weighs .22 lb per ft. Plan on running it 250 ft across 4 16ft 4x4 posts. (6 points total including block house and block garage.) So there will be 5 50' spans. My question is this - do I need to use messenger cable, and if so what size.? I imagine that I do, and because the wire is so light I dont think I will need to anything too heavy. What do I need to use to attach the messenger wire to the poles? What do I attach the 4-4-4-6 ser wg to the messenger wire with, and how close together do they need to be?

Any info will be great, thanks!
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Go back and add your location to your profile. Yes it makes a big differance, codes differ by locaation.
Not to disuade you, but is there any reason you aren't burying cable to the garage? :eek:
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I live in Fl. I already purchased the wire. It is ser wg wire and not rated for burial, even in conduit. It is, however, sunlight resistant, and designed for the purpose I need. I was able to get this 4-4-4-6 for under $300. I would have to pay double that for wire that I would be able to bury, plus the cost of conduit, and I would have to replace every install the stupid gcfi outlets everywhere. Not to mention that the ground between the two buildings is very rocky and would be a huge pain in the a to dig 18" deep.

Just need to know what kind of wire to use as messenger and how to attach.
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