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Add your location.
What you propose is fine for Canada.
It is not fine for USA. In USA you must have a 20 amp circuit for the receptacles in a bathroom. If the circuit does not leave the bathroom you can also have lights and fans on the circuit. You need 12/2 cable for this.

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There are already 3 other rooms on the basement light circuit...
How many lights (watts/amps) currently? How about the 3 new ones?

and 12 outlets on a separate circuit
Is anything heavy (sump pump, freezer etc) plugged in 100% of the time?

It still won't hurt to pull a new circuit for the bathroom but absent a known constant/heavy use...

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Sorry, USA. It would be a dedicated circuit for the if i get a 20 amp breaker, and 12 guage wire i should be ok for lights and outlets?

USA is nice, but we really need to know what state you live in. Local ammendments may override code.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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