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Running Laminate Different Directions

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Hi all,

My home has existing hardwood floors, but they are in bad shape in some areas (previous owner pet stains, cupping, etc.). I've been thinking of adding laminate (with underlayment) on top of the existing hardwood. That way if I ever want to go back to the original hardwood one day I yank up the laminate and there it is.

Here's my question: I would like to do the living room, dining room and hallway the same finish, but do a different finish in each of the bedrooms. Two bedrooms will be running in the same direction as the hallway, but one bedroom I would like to run perpendicular to the hall. I would like the transition to be smooth without needing a transition strip (hopefully) for a seamless look.

As long as the floor is fairly flat and I use the same thickness laminate and underlayment then I don't think it would be that big a problem. What's the best way to connect the hallway laminate to the perpendicular laminate?
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