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Running 220v outside through LB box.

Sorry for the question on the first post, but it is what it is I guess.. :(

I'm looking to run a 220 / 50amp line (four 6AWG THWN wires buried 18" in 1.25" conduit) out to the garage. My question is regarding the proper method of exiting from the house. My plan was to use an LB fitting, but then I looked outside and found what might be a problem.

That cable just above the window is main line coming into the house. Originally I was planning on coming outside to the right of the window, but then realized my conduit (from the LB box) would actually come down in front of the main line.

The power meter is about 15' to the right of the window, so it would be a significantly larger job to exit on the right of the power meter.

Is this going to be a problem? Is it OK if my new line (albeit they will be inside the conduit) crosses the main line? Is it correct to assume the LB box should be ~18" above grade?

Thanks for your help!

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I hate to see exposed SE cable like that! That sucks. Sorry for the rant. Anyway, shouldn't be a problem, just don't crush it or otherwise disturb it. BE VERY CAREFUL working around it. It probably wouldn't take very much to have it explode in your face.
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