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Running condensate line through wall studs

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The code requires condensate lines to be insulated. Do I need to insulate them through the studs as well, or can I just put pieces of pipe insulation between the studs. The wall is a 2x4 partition.
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Insulate all the way. Otherwise they may drip/condensate. Not sure if you are able but if we have to run it through a wall we try to make a straight shot instead up and down instead of right and left if you know what I mean. Lets say coming from an attic I would move it left or right then down one section in between the studs. You may not have that option I don't know
I don't have the option. The air handler will sit in a closet. A bathroom is directly behind it. It is an alcove for the tub. I could try to run it next to the tub. The other side of the wall is a closet. I could run it exposed or build a small box in the closet to hide it. Basically, the air handler will back up against the wall that houses the shower valve. I'm planning on running it on the back side of the tub surround wall.

I can notch it or bore it up to 40 percent if I go through the studs.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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