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Running cable through 2x3 stud walls

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I asked a question on this subject a long time ago on this blog but never got an answer. I just received a personal message from a member asking me if I did receive an informative answer. Unfortunately, because I don't have over 15 postings on this blog, I cannot reply to the member.

My problem at the time was that I had a 2x3 stud wall (in an older house) that I had opened on one side. I was going to run cable through the studs and through the top and bottom plates. What I ended up doing was to bore my holes through the studs and plates so the edges of the holes were at least 1 1/4" away from the stud edge on the unopened side of the wall. After running the cable and before closing the wall, I protected all stud crossings with metal plates.

Was that the best solution? I'm hoping the member who sent me a PM will see this and any responses.

What happens when you run wire without opening a 2x3 stud wall? Wherever you make holes through studs or plates, do you need to do a bit more digging into the plaster work and protect all crossings with plates?


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Sounds fine to me. One side is outside of the prohibited distance for wiring, the other is appropriately protected. Ron
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