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Running a subpanel?

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I am new on this forum, retired and now living in Miami. I would like to start working on my car but the garage is too hot - the sun hits the garage door throughout the whole afternoon, it is an oven. I want to install a mini split AC which is 220VAC. The water heater is in the garage, it is also 208/240VAC. I do not see room in the electrical panel to add an extra breaker for the garage AC. Pease see attached photos. How do I run a subpanel in the garage to run both the tank and the AC.

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Provided the panel can support the new AC load, you can remove the water heater from the main panel and use the double breaker spot to supply power to your garage.
If your subpanel is the same brand as your main then you can reuse the water heater breaker in the new panel and add one for the AC.
The WH cable will be too small for the sub panel so you will need to fish a new cable along the same route a the current heater cable. I would suggest a 6/3 and a 60 amp sub panel.
What is he supposed to match ? I see Bryant, cutler hammer, square D. I believe I see a GE, plus a number of breakers that I can not distinguish.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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