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Running 12/2 New Line

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HELP! I am running a 12/2 with ground new electrical line from my attic to the electrical box. When I open the box and take the cover off, I see all the breakers but the main line comes in from the bottom and up the left side to the top and connects to the box main. I know not to touch those main line and breaker connections, but can I touch the insulated main line wires on the left side of the box. Need to get the new line behind them so I can connect neutral and ground.
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#1 You should not be doing this work if you don't know what is what inside an electrical panel.

#2 Nobody here is going to tell you what you can touch and what you can't touch. There is really no way to know what you are talking about specifically.
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Running New 12/2 Line

Thanks K Buz,

I know what is in my electrical box. I may not call it the right thing, but I have been in there enough times to know what is there.

I appreciate that noone will tell me what I can and Cannot touch. Was just looking for some simple advice.

Thanks for your help.
K buz is correct, however on the chance that you may try to do the work, I will relay a few suggestions based on accident reports I have read.

1. Obviously you should turn off the power to the box and VERIFY that it is off using correct verification procedures. This is the only reliably safe way to do the work.

2. If it is NOT POSSIBLE to turn off the power to the box, you are then going to be working live in a 240 volt box, and you should wear arc fault protective gear, and have appropriate training in working on live equipment. People can and do get seriously injured or occasionally killed working on live equipment, so bear in mind that live electrical work should only be undertaken when absolutely essential, and only then when appropriate rated protective equipment is worn, special procedures are used, and backup personnel are available to take you to the hospital in the event of an accident.
Running new 12/2 Line

Appreciate the help on safety Daniel.
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