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Roxul, running wire in wall

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i want to run a speaker wire inside of an outside wall. this wall has roxul in it.
is there, and what, would be a good way to run this wire without destroying the insulation ? it would be about 6' up down to the floor.
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Or cut the drywall about 1/2 inch from floor run wire then nail trim at base, ensure you are nailing above the wire. I've seen guys lay the wire on the ground push the trim flush to the wall and nail. The bottom of the trim has a very slight bulge but nothing anyone notices unless you know it's there. Or pay a few extra bucks and go all wireless.
If it was me, those component speakers could be run via wireless. However I like 0 cracking in my midrange so I would get some beefier speaker wire (like 14AWG or at least 16AWG) and then use a wire snake inside the wall. Snaking wires SUCKS! but is worth it in the end....usually.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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