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Roxul, running wire in wall

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i want to run a speaker wire inside of an outside wall. this wall has roxul in it.
is there, and what, would be a good way to run this wire without destroying the insulation ? it would be about 6' up down to the floor.
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yeah, i have a fish tape i am thinking that will do it. but i like to ask first.
thanx for the advice. but i am not talking about running it "along" the floor. i am talking running it vertical, up to a surround speaker.

i am a little behind on current HT tech. but what i know of wireless is, its crap. i have somewhat of a high end system = to most people is it FREAKIN AWESOME ! to me, i need a bigger screen and a lot bigger subs.
here is what i want to run inside the wall.
thats 12gage wire. and i like 0 crackling at any range.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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